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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00 the calendar says october, but this video says something else. we'll take a closer look at the snowfall -- yeah snowfall -- and the local foec miley cyrus going door to door in our area to support hillary clinton. and donald trump pays a visit to virginia beach as we countdown to election day. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. off the top at 6:00, are you ready for snow? believe it or not, this was the scene this morning close to our region.
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of snow shoe west virginia. and remember we are still in october, people. this resort usually opens for ski season november 23rd. so about a month early there. and i'm kristin right. we've ben telling you about the cool weather, and it's having impact not far in here. a lot of you shared this pitcher on your facebook page. it of western maryland and west virginia in tucker county. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper joins us with more. how about it? >> oh my gosh. what i think is so amazing is we were in the 80s monday through thursday. yesterday we hit 79. so this had me thinking. when do we start to see snow here in our area? the d.c. metro area?
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said typically our first dusting of snow on average around december 11th. so we have quite some time but what a change in the weather. we've been talking about about it all week. 56 degrees right now. windy and blustery out there right now. winds about 17 miles per hour. gusts up to 30 that is causing some power outages across the area but the good news is we see the winds die down overnight tonight and it is only breezy. in fact only in that breezily what that means is probably the trash cans, if you have to put them out they are going to be just fine throughout the night and day tomorrow. but it is going to be chilly. low 50s. and waking up in the 40s. what's that mean for tomorrow afternoon? i'll let you know at 6:17. kristin. >> great. see you soon. while the weather is blamed for knocking out power to thousands around the d.c. area today, it
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prince georges county. at wasn't point there were 1500 dominion customers without power and that is now down 600. most in fairfax county. we'll continue to update you on the nbc washington app. donald trump now in gettysburg. this is video from his campaign stop there. but earlier today he camne in the commonwealth making a stop in virginia beach. meanwhile hillary clinton got a boost from really a musical super star. news4 darcy suspensor is live at gorges mason university miley cyrus's visit. how did it go? >> reporter: well it was great for the people who go to school here. this is obviously part of hillary clinton's strategy, to attract young voters, particularly those millennials.
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showing the hundreds of student whose stood out here in the cold in the wind for a chance to meet miley cyrus. take a look. she visited piedmont hall here wearing an outfit that resembled an american flag. knocked on doors of college student whose live right here in the dorm and chatted with them about why it is important to vote and encourage them to vote for hiy registered already and are definitely planning on it. having her there to hype us up and get us excited to try to extend that excitement to other members and community around us is really exciting. >> it was super cool. she's beautiful and a good person. i love listening to her music. so it was kind of surreal. >> reporter: that's what one person said, it is kind of
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statement today basically questioning the use of miley cyrus as the role model by the hillary clinton campaign citing some of her risque performances. but there was none of that here today. kristin back to you. >> thank you darcy. the list of women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct keeps growing. and trump is promising to sue those women. but after the at a rally in the critical state of pennsylvania trump loyd laid out plans for his first month in the white house. >> reporter: it was billed as a policy speech, donald trump in gettysburg pennsylvania laying out his presidency for the first 100 days. touching on a wide range of topics from the leadership of abraham lincoln. >> my hope question look at his example to heal the divisions we
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>> reporter: to making mexico pay for a border wall. >> remember i said mexico is paying for the wall. >> reporter: once again said women have come forward to accuse them of inappropriate touching or kissing. he's now threatening to sue them. >> the events never happened. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> all this happening as an 11th accuser came forward saturday in los angeles. >> if mr. trump thought such his accusers and prevent other women from coming forward, he will be sorely disappointed. >> reporter: the clinton campaign which polls show winning are within the margin of error in every swing state is trying to run out the clock. clinton is in pittsburgh campaigning with a running mate tim kaine for the first time in six weeks. making an appeal to voters waivering in their support for trump. >> you probably know people who
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i understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them, and i want to be their president too. >> with early voting already under way in 34 states for clinton and trump, time is running short. nbc news. decision 2016 is under way in d.c. early voting started today. ahead what you need to know to avoid long lines on is back open after being shut down for a suspicious package. a section of new york avenue was closed starting around 11:30 this morning. the areas between queens, chapel and -- road. the area was reopened around 4:30 and nothing dangerous was found. ?? taking a stand by kneeling
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an nba game. find out what she did next. the pentagon makes a costly decision that is affecting
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part of national drug takeback day. the dea says it is important to get unused precipitation medicines out of medicine cabinets so they don't end up in the wrong hands and to assure they are disposed of possibly instead of going down the drain. >> you definitely shouldn't dump medication down the toilet or throw it into the trash. we had a few, i got some from my neighbors and came tally yet but the last drug takeback event in may netted almost 900,000 pounds of drugs. ,000s of soldiers cashed in when the defense department gave them $15,000 boents bonuses. now the pentagon wants the money back. the military is demanding the national guard soldiers repay
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iraq and afghanistan. turns out california officials offered troops a lot of cash to reenlist. but after an audit the pentagon says many of those bonuses went to service member whose didn't qualify some of those angry soldiers say they feel betrayed. take a look at our news4 city cam. the jefferson beautiful day. first day of early voting in
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? ? national anthem protests spreading outside of football now. em she kneels while belting out the anthem before the miami heat pre game yesterday. she says like colin kaepernick it is in response to to the same. early voting under way in d.c. if you are close to judiciary square you still have time to
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news4's derek ward has more on what you need to know about early and absentee voting in the district. >> reporter: they are the first, among the first d.c. residents to cast their ballots during early voting in the district. by the time the doors opened, the line was around the corner. >> we need to make the people's voices heard. >> i want to see the city -- [indiscernible]. >> reporter a judiciary square to cast their early vote. and they also have no excuse absentee voting. which is just what it sounds like. >> early voting with no excuse. we don't need a reason. they just come to the polls or they can request an absentee ballot from now through november 1st. >> reporter: city council, state board of education. advisory neighborhood commission and d.c. delegate, the high
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participation. long lines got longer. >> i'm happy about the turnout. i think though that it is inefficient to have us wait in line on such a cold day. >> do you feel this? this is a wind of change. >> reporter: by midday things warm up a bit and something of a party going on. this was the lead in for a rally in support of a question on an advisor referendum on d.c. statehood. >> we think have a chance to until november 4th. this coming friday an early voting location will open in each of the city's eight wards and for at least one early voters october 22nd isn't early in you have. >> i know some states have earlier voting. maybe we should consider that too. >> derek ward news4. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. and big improvements in the weather for tomorrow.
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8:00, 9:00 p.m. and then just breezy for the weekend. it is going to be all in all a perfect fall day out there for whatever your plans may be. but it is going to be chilly in the morning hours. so 7:00 a.m., it is 47 degrees. mainly clear skies. few clouds in the forecast. maybe a bluebird kind of day there by lunchtime. we're in the low 60s, i was out and about today running some errands and i saw people dining outdoors. so if they could get out there today, i think tomorrow is going to be a really nice day for that. as long as you have on the appropriate fall fashion. 3:00 we hit our high temperature of 67. official high was 61. but with lighter winds tomorrow it is going to feel about 10 degrees warmer.
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fireplace hot cocoa kind of night. and then falling into the 50s overnight. all in all no matter what your plans are the weather cooperating unless you are trying to rake your yards. heading to the pumpkin patch t fall jacket will be fine. if you are taking the kids out during the evening, make sure they have some layers. temperatures in the low 60s. brunch perfectly crisp door exercise is going to be refreshing. the perfect time of year for exercising outside. and the weather cooperating right now at the bus stop, it is chilly. long sleeves, jacket. you are just fine. notice we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun. 50 degrees, recess definitely outdoors around 60 and by the time you are picking the kids up from school they are heading to afterschool activities we're in the mid 60s at that point.
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forecast. tomorrow breezy. monday still breezy and then as we look to tuesday here you will notice the winds really die down. white winds in the forecast on tuesday but here is thing. i'm going to show you your ten day forecast and notice how temperatures really fall. about 5 degrees even a bit more from monday to tuesday. high on tuesday of 58. plenty of sunshine. still really nice for walking to work or doing whatever your outdoor plans may and it is the week you are really going to be watering the mums. few rain chances in the forecast. a minor chance later in the day on thursday and friday morning. not a rain will fall if that happens and the highs in the upper 50s. holiday weekend rite now the weekend, low to mid sixties and keeping it dry. >> loving it. right now. crowds are making their way
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prevention. the out of the darkness community walk got under way about 4:15 tonight at the sill van theater and ends at 7:30 at the washington monument. loved ones are wearing colored beads for loved ones lost and those struggling with depression. you have a personal connection with suicide. >> suicide prevention, today's event raised $266,000, exceeding the goal. the money will go to help raise awareness and help those who are struggling. well navy had an unexpected off weekend last saturday. but were they able to shake woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me.
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should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock voted to defund planned parenthood... man: five times. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy."
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chris miles from the csn studios. no matter what happens for the rest of the season the mid
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ten team for the first time in 22 years. and they looked sharp in their return this afternoon against memphis. memphis might want to get poller more involved in the future. he houses this return after navy's first touchdown, 14-7 memphis. less than 10:00 into the game. navy quarterback on one pass in the first half. but he made it count. touchdown. jamar tillman. 14-14. second quarter more of a defensive affair but it is worth finding the end zone on the ground this time. this game still in progress. mid shepmen on top 25-31 in the fourth quarter. halloween is next weekend
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plays. uva lining up for the field goal on fourth down. but it is all the passing play. matt johns connects with the long snapper evan butts. tie game in the second quarter. unc says anything you can do, we can do better. lining up in the wildcat. pitched to the cornerback and airs it out to howard. north carolina back on top. fourth quarter. howard ears homecoming spoiled by a&t state. after starting the season 3-0 georgetown lost their fourth straight following to fordham 24-14. michigan state paying a visit to college park this evening. maryland has lost two straight.
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having lost four in a row. kickoff is set for 7:30. wizards have the roster trimmed down for the start of the nba season on thursday night. three players though were waived late on saturday night. daniel house was not one of them. the undrafted rookie outs of tex a.m. earned his spot through a strong showing in summer league and training camp. house is happy to have a new home in the district. part of the organization and finally add my name to the rosser is a huge honor. shows if you stick to it and keep working hard that it will pay off eventually. capitals return home, take on the rangers tonight. one of three teams without a regulation loss this season that scored first in all of their
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puck drops at 7:00. a game you can see on csn. caps won a president's trophy last season and are starting this season on a similar path with no losses so far. kristin back to you. >> all right chris miles. thank you so much. so we're talking about about and i absolutely love it. i love watching the leaves blow around. >> it's going to be a perfect autumn day tomorrow. 67, a sun.
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on this saturday night. 17 days as the candidates hit key battle ground states. donald trump vows to sue his accusers. another one comes forward with a claim of sexual misconduct. inside the battle. the iraqis are troops are not far behind. tonight new insights on the campaign against isis. digital danger. they make our lives easier, it turns out household devices linked to the internet are easy targets for the hackers that want to bring down top websites. and the chicago cubs are one win away from reaching the world series.


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